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Autumn 2011 Flyer
January 2012 Meeting Tom Hart Dyke
Autumn 2012 Flyer





21st January

Gardening with Schools & Community

Steve Thorpe

18th February

Garden Design

Liz Joice

18th March

Paradise on Earth – The Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir

Chris Chadwell

15th April

Back Gardens of England

Matthew Biggs

20th May

Brookfield, Jew Lane, Oxenhope

Garden visit

13th June

Gresgarth Hall Gardens

Club outing

22nd July

Harlow Carr

Afternoon guided tour

15th August

Yate House, Oxenhope

Summer lunch

16th September

A Garden for All Seasons

John Massey

21st October

Chelsea Gardens

Martyn Walker

18th November

Gardeners Question Time


16th December

Christmas Supper & A.G.M.

Ian Dewhirst (guest speaker)





15th January

New Gardening

Matthew Wilson

19th February

Plants to die for

Alan Wilson

19th March

An evening with

Joe Maiden (Radio Leeds)

16th April

Pictorial Meadows

Nigel Dunnett (Sheffield University)

21st May

The Manor House, Heslington, York

Evening Visit

28th June

Newby Hall


16th July

The Grange, Carleton

Visit (7.00 pm)

26th July


Summer Lunch (12.30 pm)

20th August

Stepping Stones & 48 Gledhow Drive

Visit to Oxenhope Gardens (7.00 pm)

17th September

Gresgarth Head Gardener

Tom Attwood

15th October

A Rockery in the Garden

Timothy Walker (Oxford Botanical Gardens)

19th November

Taylors Clematis

Chris & Suzy Cocks

17th December

AGM & Christmas Party